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Curtain Call & 720 Degrees

2011, 2012, 2016

London, Jerusalem, Singapore

Curtain Call was created in 2011 as the summer highlight installation for the Roundhouse in London. The Curtain uses nearly 5000 platinum-cured silicone cords, in total over 37km, suspended directly from the circular loading beam of the Roundhouse roof. The curtain’s content, comprising images and film, is simultaneously and seamlessly projected to be viewed both from the inside and outside of the curtain, creating an almost shadow free film that could be walked through and experienced in 360°.

The artistic content of Curtain Call was produced through a series of exciting collaborations with leading artists including Mat Collishaw, Christian Marclay, Jude Greenaway, Steven Isserlis, SDNA, Ori Gersht, Hussein Chalayan, Gabriel Klasmer & Shira Klasmer, Javier Mariscal & David Shrigley. Live performance events included, Circus Call, London Contemporary Orchestra, Lail Arad & Cats Eyes.

Curtain Call has since travelled abroad under the name ‘720 Degrees’ and was installed in Jerusalem in 2012. It was situated within the Isamu Noguchi garden of the Israel Museum, and included a series of new locally produced film pieces and live events. In the summer of 2016, after a successful reenactment at the Roundhouse with additional new content by Universal Everything, Ori Gersht, Daniel Landau, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Kutiman, the installation was shown in Singapore as part of SIFA (Singapore International Festival of Art).