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Moscow, Russia
Client: Horus Capital
Structural Engineer: Arup AGU (UK)

A sculpture, reception, bar, restaurant & cafe for a new commercial HQ.

The design sees the lobby floor as a flowing grid which undulates through the building, creating spaces that are inhabited by various functions, while it is lifted high up at one end, soaring dramatically up into the atrium. Rising 25 metres at this point, it forms an iconic centre piece visible from all the building’s offices.

Made from timber, the grid swells in some areas to contain large objects such as a reception desk and bar, and in others it is lifted up as a canopy, with a space being carved from the floor beneath to create an excavated  restaurant.

The design is many things at the same time - it is a floor to walk on, a sculpture to walk around and observe, a place to sit, a bar counter to drink at, and a canopy to dine under.