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Ha Yarkon Street

2006 - 2010

Tel Aviv, Israel
Client: Marciano
Executive Architect: Avner Yashar Architects
Structural Engineer: Doron Shalev Engineering Ltd

A luxury residential project on Tel Aviv's beach promenade situated within the UNESCO-designated “White City”.

The use of fair-faced concrete treated with a palette of monochromatic tints, combined with curvaceous balustrades together serve to echo the spirit of the city’s 1930s Bauhaus architecture. The building is arranged as three inter-connected and inverted conical volumes that define its overall volume, two of which anchor to the ground and support the third cantilevered ‘cone’. These volumes are expressed through a series of undulating slabs and perimeter balustrades which highlight the building’s formal language, with the seemingly impossible feat of supporting the entire 20m front section of the building 8m up in the air.

A special endorsement from UNESCO was granted for the project, in aid of obtaining final planning and construction permits.