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Heinemann Regionals


Tel Aviv, Israel

RAAL were invited by Hamburg-based Heinemann, one of the largest Duty Free operators in the world, to design their Regionals zone for Tel Aviv airport. This was a vital part of their pitch to win this year’s bid for the airport Duty Free area, and to build on the company’s business model of commissioning internationally renowned practices to design focal areas within stores at locations related to the chosen designer’s origins. Previous commissions have included Coop Himmelblau (Vienna Airport), Snohetta (Oslo Airport), and BIG (Copenhagen Airport).

Our concept for the Regionals project translates the Tel Aviv streetscape into an abstracted façade - a grid/weave of vertical and horizontal elements - to represent familiar architectural fragments of Tel Aviv: the bustling oriental souk; the relaxed seaside promenade; the distinct architectural language of the Bauhaus. RAAL’s proposal uses this façade to signify and organise the various Regionals sections of the duty free shop: Kids, Sweets, Regionals, Wines and Spirits, and Fine Food. It is therefore a filter through which to enter the Duty Free shop, and acts as a backdrop and organising device for the entire space within the airport.