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Hotel Duomo

2004 - 2006

Rimini, Italy
Client: Private Client
Executive Architect: Pierandrei Associates (IT)
Structural Engineer: Milco Fregnan (IT)

A boutique hotel situated within the historic centre of Rimini, designed in its entirety by RAAL from façade to door handles.

Conceived from outside in, the façade is a skin of bronze which meanders its way throughout the building, creating a completely bronze envelope inhabited within by the hotel and bar. The exterior bronze will age to a warm patina that will echo the surrounding stucco elevations of the old city. In summer three glass roller shutters at ground level disappear into the façade, opening the bar up to the street. The bar itself is a large island with fjord-like scoops carved out of it for patrons to eat and drink at. The reception desk takes the form of a tapering, dramatically leaning mirror-polished stainless steel ring.

Bathroom pods form the backdrop to each of the hotel’s rooms. Each pod has curving walls, and is a wet room with a teak slatted timber floor, with one wall having a large circular window, the exterior of which forms the room’s bed head.

Hotel Duomo was awarded "Best Design Hotel Lobby-Public Area" and "Best Design Hotel Bar & Restaurant" in the European Hotel Design Awards 2006.