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Hotel le Beauvallon


St Maxime, France
Client: Parkview International
Executive Architect: ERTIM Architects (FR)

A new master-plan for the historic Hotel Le Beauvallon in the Cote D’Azur, was commissioned in order to better bind disparate facilities across the 5 hectare site. This also included proposals for a new contemporary Hotel entry level and a pool-suite resort within the compound.

A sequential spatial arrangement enhances visual and physical connections between each hotel zone, and facilitates a more sustainable site-wide service strategy. This is expressed architecturally using a continuous sculptural element that transforms itself from entry portal into structural wall leading through the hotel and down towards the beach beyond. It is used to screen off service routes and guest circulation, while simultaneously uniting the main Hotel, the spa suites, beach club and pool suites. The latter are intimately clustered in and around a fresh-water biologically filtered lagoon.