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Photo Rafael Vargas

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Photo Rafael Vargas

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Photography by Rafael Vargas

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Hotel Puerta America

2003 - 2005

Madrid, Spain
Client: Grupo Urvasco, Silken Hotels

Our design for the 7th floor of this high-end Madrid hotel development involves the creation of 30 innovatively laid out rooms and a central lobby. The generous open spaces of each guest room are centrally divided by a sinuous central wall into which all facilities are integrated: bed, bathroom, dressing area and desk. This acts both as separator of distinct activities, as well as a unifying device which blends form, encourages free-flowing circulation and explores wide-reaching views within the room.

The solid surface acrylic wall – white in some rooms, red in others – weaves its way across the room, and partially shrouds a more intimate curvaceous enclosure around a generous circular bed (designed for the project, and produced by Capellini). The fluid forms echo beyond the rooms and into the rippled hallways and central lift lobby, in which the central ceiling light seemingly swoops down towards a circular communal seat.