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Hotel Wattens


Wattens, Austria
Client: Swarovski



Commissioned by the Austrian luxury crystal brand Swarovski, the Hotel Wattens was conceived as a destination hotel set amidst pristine alpine scenery in close vicinity to the company’s headquarters and showrooms.

A large artificial mound, comprising the hotel’s public facilities, complements the surrounding landscape and creates an undulating plinth for the hotel’s upper prism-like volume, containing the guest accommodation, set behind an articulated, crystalline façade.

The rooms are orientated to optimally frame the sweeping alpine views, whereas the rear of the accommodation wing is treated as a vertical landscape wall, upon which regional vegetation is grown on articulated and terraced meshes.

The exterior faceted glazing serves to mirror and refract the hotel’s surroundings, and celebrate the way in which this changes during the day, and between seasons.