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Maserati HQ Showroom

2002 - 2003

Modena, Italy
Client: Maserati (Ferrari Spa)

The Maserati Motors flagship showroom seeks to combine the marque’s strong and recognisable heritage, with cutting-edge manufacturing technology. The design centres on an acrobatic loop-like object, the morphology and structure of which was developed using advanced computational software and manufacturing techniques. In collaboration with specialist fabricator input from aerospace, hydro-nautical industries, the loop’s intricate skeleton is composed of hundreds of CNC-cut interlocking pieces. The Loop serves as an undulating ‘shelf’ on which 5 cars can be displayed. The rear of the Loop rises towards the ceiling to form an arching canopy above an open-plan conference area, behind which the Maserati production line unfolds. A separate customisation area provides an interactive mural, composed of 198 toroidal samples which combine all possible combinations of car body paint and leather upholstery. This pattern is infinitely replicated and expanded by mirrored surrounds.