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Millennium House


Doha, Qatar

This is an installation in an Arata Isozaki designed villa for Sheikh Saud Al-Thani ofQatar.  The villa is in fact more of a village than a villa - different architects and artists were commissioned to design different parts of the 'village', including Achille Castiglioni: gym, David Hockney: swimming pool, Ettore Sottsass: formal reception, among others. 

RAA was commissioned to design the living room with the family dining room attached.  The project is primarily a programmable floor that can be instructed to either move in a certain pattern or to be frozen in any given landscape.  The lighting system constellation is made of spheres that can be located anywhere in space and at any chosen size and colour.  The dining room is an amphitheatre 'pit', the transparent seats move freely around and the server can walk into the middle of the horse-show table.