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Moon Shin Museum


Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Client: Yangiu Municipality
Executive Architect: Morph Architects (KR)
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold (UK)

The prolific work of esteemed Korean national artist Moon Shin, provided much inspiration for the proposal for a museum dedicated to his work. Situated on a lush hillside within an hour of Seoul, the design showcases Moon Shin’s tactile and voluminous art in a respectful and protective way, while simultaneously freeing it from conventional museum boundaries.

A heroic structure juts out of the sloping landscape, shielding a museum without walls, and modulating natural light into the sculpture garden it encompasses.

Beneath the cantilevered steel roof, a series of glazed enclosures provide a protected environment for more vulnerable sculptures and drawings. These are bound together by a sinuous ramped route, recalling the morphology of an archaeological site, along which discoveries can be made. Diurnal and seasonal changes in light and temperature are invited into the museum, and its roof, composed of a twin-layer of V-shaped beams, excludes only rain and snow.