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Place Vendôme



This project is comprised of a penthouse apartment located within the 18th Century French Baroque buildings of Place Vendôme - a square in the 1st administrative district of Paris (1er arrondissement). The apartment, owned by our client, had listed status (Monument historique) and was in need of substantial renovation. The client’s brief called for a luxurious conceptual design and comprehensive spatial reconfiguration of the internal and external spaces, as well as significant restoration works to the apartment’s decaying structure.

RAAL’s proposal includes the key design feature of a curved ceiling that dips to form the wall of the apartment’s 35-metre primary façade. This homogenous blend is broken only by an array of dormer windows, where the internal side-faces are lined in mirror-polished stainless steel, a seemingly minimal intervention that multiplies the views out and creates a continuous reflection internally of the exterior. RAAL’s design incorporates a series of steel design components, including a staircase, a folded-steel kitchen and a freestanding fireplace.