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2012 - 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel
Client: Gav-Yam Amot Totseret Ha-Aretz
Executive Architect: Yashar Architects (Israel)
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold Engineering (London), Israel David Engineers (Israel)

The large-scale office development, a joint venture between two large investment and development companies, involves the conversion of a rarely available 1.8 hectare city-centre site, into 2 office towers with an area in excess of 160,000m², extensive commercial facilities and a generous landscaped public space, across 3 levels.

The office towers (28, and 63 storeys respectively) are sculpted to complement the varied site constraints, maximise solar shading, while facilitating natural daylight for every desk within the generous office floor-plates.

Construction of the 53,000m² phase 1 building commenced in 2013, and is due for completion end 2018.

The building is elevated upon slim core structures within the densely planted landscape. With a minimal footprint, these ‘legs’ contain the majority of the building’s efficient technical plant, which enables the creation of a generous public spaces on the roof.