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Upperworld Hotel Battersea Power Station

2003 - 2005

Client: Parkview International
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold (UK)

The Upper World Hotel crowns the formidable Battersea Power Station, and provides a unique, unprecedented hospitality experience, while celebrating the rich historical heritage of this industrial site. From its perch between the iconic four chimneys, the hotel seeks to successfully blend the seemingly contradictory requirements of luxurious exclusivity, and publicly accessible gathering spaces. Sweeping views of the London skyline and of the cavernous Power Station interior are offered from a generous and inviting panoramic platform at the southern edge of the complex. 

The hotel is laid out to echo the legibility and clarity of the structure it adorns; A double spine of horizontal structural and circulation tubes bridge across the void below and link two autonomous hubs at the north and south ends. These are serviced by elegant shuttle pods, which transport guests from the North hub’s hotel lobby to the 44 shell-like double-height suites on either side of the building.